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Yami Vapor, creators of the popular Taruto and Jusuu liquids, are now 50% off over at VaporDNA.com. Got a pod system? Yami has salt refills to!

Yami Vapor, released earlier this year, has a rather impressive collection. Their flavors are inspired by foreign foods, and other tantalizing fruit combinations, and make for one heck of a tasty vape.

Non salts are available in 0, 3, and 6mg nic levels.

Salts are available in 35 and 50mg nic.

Flavor list:

Juusu – a mix of crisp apples, sweet peaches, and juicy lychee fruit.

Taruto – a warm flaky crust dessert filled with rich, smooth, and sumptuous custard. The perfect vape for dessert fanatics, inspired by the Portuguese egg tart! (my personal favorite!)

Icy Trio – a refreshing “trio” of strawberry, kiwi, and lychee with a sweet and cool menthol.

Shaka – a deliciously flavorful blend of tropical fruit mangosteen with sweet ripe mango’s.

Milkgat – a sweet, smooth, and delicious Milk Nougat. Milkgat is a perfect reminder of younger days when we couldn’t keep our hands off of those chewy milky-flavored nougats bars

Mika – delightful Hawaiian POG and other fruit flavors

Yuki – a combination of invigorating menthol, freshly sliced passion fruit, sun-kissed orange, and freshly picked guava

Butter Brew – served hot or cold and enjoyed by those who posses mystical abilities, butter brew is Yami’s take on the classic buttery drink

Juusu and Taruto are mighty tasty, the only one I have yet to try it Icy Trio (I don’t like Menthol!), but if it’s half as good as the others, it’d be worth checking out!

You can pick up any of the 3 flavors listed above, including the salt version of Jusuu, for $7.99 a 30ml!!!

Just use code: [su_highlight background=”#def823″]YM50[/su_highlight] at checkout

Hurry before they’re all gone, the Yami Vapor sale ends 3/26/2019!

Yami Vapor - 50% Off!

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