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[su_heading size=”15″]Better than the Pina Colada’s you’ve been drinking[/su_heading]

Some e-liquid are very easy to explain, Organic Pina Colada by Virgin Vapor was substantially more complex than I had anticipated. It took a week of solid vaping before I felt comfortable writing this review.


First Impressions: From the bottle, Pina Colada smells like those classic smoothy style beach drinks, with a burst of fresh pineapple and coconut. The aroma is very strong, and tends to linger after the bottle has been closed. I love the glass dropper style bottles from Virgin Vapor, they make dripping very easy.

Price: $9.60, $11.50, $19.99.

Available Bottle Sizes: Tester, 1/3 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz. Glass Dropper Style Bottles.

Taste: The taste profile here was off the charts. So much so that I am going to break this particular area into three sections: Beginning (from the start, flavor notes noticed when first vaped), middle (has been vaped, deep flavor notes noticed while vapor is held in for awhile etc.), and end (notes noticed in the last seconds of the vape, and on the exhale). Enjoy!

Taste/Beginning: Fresh Coconut and Pineapple right off the bat. The pineapple is slightly less apparent, and the coconut has a creamy texture to it. I think I notice a floral note of some sort, but I cannot put a finger on it.

Taste/Middle: The fruity flavors noticed in the beginning have grown in strength, especially the coconut. The smooth aspect provides a wonderful mouth feel and almost makes me salivate. The floral note, is nothing more than a characteristic of the really fresh coconut. The pineapple notes are still hiding in the background, with a slight tartness felt on the back off my tongue.

Taste/End: Everything stays the same for the most part. With a wonderful tart pineapple characteristic that was noticed before. The tart flavor is not overwhelming though, and mixes wonderful with the smooth coconut notes.

Final Notes: I love this flavor from beginning to end. It took a long time to figure out exactly what was going on, but once I did, I was extremely pleased. Organic Pina Colada is packed with layers upon layers of flavor, so much so that every time I vape it, I’m excited to find something new I may have missed! It has enough complexity to keep you excited, and the simplicity to keep on the shelf as an everyday vape.


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