Vibe by Vape Craft – Rock

Sour blue raspberry candy to the T. If you’ve been looking for a good clean candy vape, look no further, Vibe by Vape Craft has you covered!

 Before We Start

Vibe is an eliquid line/brand sold by the manufacturer Vape Craft, just to be clear. You can either google vape craft, and find the vibe line-up for sale on their website, or search vibe eliquids, and find any of the vibe flavors online elsewhere.

 Flavor Profile –  

This award winning sour blue raspberry gummy will ROCK your socks off.

First Impression

I really like the labeling of the Vibe line-up. The graphics and design elements are all professional, and the liquid names are all straightforward. I would’ve liked to have seen a bit more contrast between the font and background image on the label; I felt like it was a bit hard to read from a distance.


Raspberry flavors right off the bat. Very potent aroma as well, I can tell this one is going to have a nice punch!


Front: Tastes almost exactly like a sour blue raspberry warhead that’s been sucked on for a good 5 minutes, or just long enough to eliminate the majority of the sour powder. Surprisingly, this one’s not overly sweet; which is a bit odd for a candy vape. Don’t get me wrong though, there’s enough raspberry candy flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth though, but it hasn’t surpassed that intolerable level.

Mid: Fresh and candied raspberry flavors, with a bit of strawberry thrown in for good measure. Possibly a hint of blueberry in the foreground as well. Sugar content remains low, and tolerable.

Back: Same triple berry taste carries all the way through the end of this vape. The sour level decreases in intensity, allowing my palate to fully appreciate the fruits.

Aftertaste: Mostly clean, with a bit of lingering berry flavor at the very end. This lingering is to be expected with any vape classified as candy, and clears with a sip of cold water.

Pricing and Juice Information

Regular price: $22.99 (price per/60ml)

Bottles/Sizes: 60ml

Available Nic: 0, 3, and 6mg

VG/PG ratio: 70/30


Dual 3mm Claptons on the BTFC RDA by Augvape and Vapenfagan. Pulsed with the Titan Mods V2 parallel. Airflow kept open for the majority of this review.

Final Thoughts

ADV? Most definitely. I would’ve liked to see a bit more complexity; but if it’s a sour flavor your after, then this one is going to be for you.

Recommendable? Absolutely!

A word of fair warning here. I vaped a 0mg bottle for this review, but Rock is sour enough that a 3mg bottle would probably have a significant throat hit!

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