Vapors Anonymous by Vape Craft – VAPEAHOLIC

Creamy coconut, zesty clementine, freshened by a burst of watermelon. Vapors Anonymous by Vape Craft hits it out of the park with this tropical blend.

 Before We Start

Vapors anonymous is an eliquid line/brand sold by the manufacturer Vape Craft, just to be clear. You can either google vape craft, and find the vapors anonymous line-up for sale on their website, or search vapors anonymous directly, and find the liquid online elsewhere.

 Flavor Profile –  

Take your taste buds to a tropical paradise with hints of orange cream, strawberry, coconut, and watermelon that will leave you feeling refreshed after each hit!

First Impression

Vapeaholic, now that’s an interesting name for an eliquid. The flavor profile had me hooked right off the bat; orange cream, strawberry, coconut and watermelon mixed together, it’d be pretty hard to screw a combination like that up! I really like what Vape Craft did with the branding of the Vapors Anonymous line; everything is clean, well presented, and professional.


Smooth mango and coconut aroma’s. I did pick up on a bit of acidity coming from either pineapple or possibly some fresh orange. There’s almost to many smells coming from the bottle to differentiate one from the other!


Front: To my surprise, I picked up on a coconut flavor laced with fresh cream first. There’s lighter notes of mango and possibly watermelon thrown in the mix, but it wasn’t as strong as I had originally anticipated. The orange aroma that I noticed in the beginning appears to be more of subtle, naturally sweet, clementine. No one fruit overpowers the other in Vapeaholic, which makes for a very smooth tropical mix.

Mid: The watermelon and coconut play a big role on the mid section of this vape. There’s a creamy mouthfeel as well; If I had to compare it to a food, I probably go with a heavy cream, or perhaps half and half. After shutting the airflow 75% (or one square on the TM ;)), I was able to pick up on a minuet amount of tartness; this shouldn’t effect the flavor if you plan on vaping 6mg+, but may effect the throat hit.

Back: After opening the airflow back to 50%, Vapeaholic finished with a creamy mixed tropical flavor. Coconut was the main player here, but mango, clementine, and watermelon were not far behind. The levels of sugar in this liquid are freakishly low, I mean you’d think there’d be some syrupy taste with all the fruit, but instead? No unnecessary sweetness once so ever.

Aftertaste: Clean palate after vaping for 20 or so minutes. But with the sugar content so low, I expected nothing less.

Pricing and Juice Information

Regular price: $22.99 (price per/60ml)

Bottles/Sizes: 30, 60ml

Available Nic: 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18mg (nic salts used)

VG/PG ratio: 70/30


Claptons from Saddlehorseblues on the deck of the Twisted Messes Squared RDA. I had the airflow adjusted all over the place during this review; Pulsed on the Volcano E-cigs Lavabox DNA 200 (40-60 watts).


Throat Hit: no throatiness for my 0mg vape. However, if you had some 6-18mg salts, there would most likely be some type of throat hit.

Final Thoughts

ADV? I’ve mention this before, but I am not the biggest fan of fruit flavored liquids. Often times it just seems like there’s not enough going on, and I find myself getting bored with the flavor after a short time. Vapeaholic really changed that for me.

Recommendable? Most definitely. There’s so many good flavors going on here, it’d be hard not to recommend!

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