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Tangy lemon curd, topped with a slightly sweet meringue and a super flaky pastry crust. If you’re not sold after hearing that description, then WOW. Lemon Tart has everything working in its favor: sharp tangy flavors mixed with sweet dessert topping, stuffed in a flaky pie shell. Vape Dinner Lady spent some extra time in the flavor lab with this Ejuice, and it’s not hard to tell!

[su_highlight background=”#def823″]Lemon Tart Flavor Profile – [/su_highlight] Sharp lemon curd topped with a gooey meringue, in a thin pastry crust.

[su_heading size=”15″ class=”subHeading”]First Impression[/su_heading]

I received Lemon Tart from Vapin Lizards, a US distributor of Vape Dinner Lady Ejuice. Again, the label design on the Vape Dinner Lady line is Top-Notch; everything is kept clean and tasteful, with no animals or cartoon characters jumping out from the bottles. They company simply lets the liquid speak for itself!

The smell: Very complex nose. Lemon peel/zest upfront, with a tart/crust characteristic on the backend. There may be a hint of butter here as well, but I can’t pick up on enough of it to be sure.

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Regular price: $20.99

30ml, glass dropper style bottles

Available Nic: 0 and 6mg

PG/VG ratio: 30/70 (Not listed on website!)

[su_heading size=”15″ class=”subHeading”]Taste[/su_heading]

Build and settings: Single Alien Clapton by Saddlehorseblues, .21 ohms – 45-50 watts (Airflow cut quite a bit as well, at least 1/2 way on my Tsunami 24mm.)

Front end: Perfectly balanced lemon juice/peel (zest) flavors here with supporting pastry crust flavors. I didn’t feel like the crust was fully established at this point; as the dough did taste a bit uncooked.

Mid vape: Here I get more of a sweetened and refined lemon curd, with a crust addition that is much more substantial/mature. I notice some butter flavor mixed into the pastry shell, that blends perfectly with that signature bakery flavor of a cooked tart. The lemon fruit is quite strong as well (but SOOO GOOD!), and 100% responsible for the tartness level. The tangy flavors are smoothed out significantly however by a decent amount of sugar on the mid section (the very definition of a classic lemon curd…).

Backend/Exhale: Everything comes together for Lemon Tart here; the smooth noticably tart lemon zest blends perfectly with hints of lemon curd (lemon and sugar), and the bakery crust (tart) serves as a supporting flavor. What a great vape!

[su_highlight background=”#def823″]THINGS TO NOTE:[/su_highlight]

Honestly, this one is perfect. but, if your looking for a nit-pick… I have one, completely irrelevant to the taste of the juice itself.

Cloud production: it’s a 30PG/70VG blend, so the clouds, out of my single alien setup here, and my dual fused setup used for testing to other flavors where rather sad. Whispy and light white – grey in color. The vapor smelled wonderful though, so that’s a plus!

[su_heading size=”15″ class=”subHeading”]Final Notes[/su_heading]

I can see why everyone freaking loves this flavor from Vape Dinner Lady so much. It really has a perfect balance going on, and is enough to keep your palate happy for hours. AND it’s available in the USA right now!!! from Vapin Lizards!

ADV for me? YES, I’d have to take the occasion break though, otherwise I’d go through the stuff too quick!

Re-purchase? Yes, but not right away, I’m honestly not a Lemon fan.  This would be more of a treat kind of deal, a once a month purchase if you will.







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