Twice on Sunday by Vaper Empire

Vanilla bean laced in a batch of homemade custard, topped with a caramelized sugar for good measure. If you’re into clean, low sugar dessert vapes, Twice on Sunday from Vaper Empire may be worth checking out!

 Flavor Profile –  

It’s a cloudless day on the Boardwalk at Coney Island. Red and white striped circus awnings provide shade from the noon bright sun as young couples run from the carousel to Steeplechase Park to race the wooden horses around the track. The sunlight sparkles off the ocean waves, and the scent of vanilla custard cream and sweet caramel spill out of the carts like a carnival for the senses.

First Impression

There’s only two primary colors on this label – gold and black – this offers a good bit of contrast and makes everything really easy to read. The font used for the ejuice name is a bit lackluster, but I’m not complaining. I received a 10ml bottle for this review in 0mg.

Vaper Empire is a E-Cigarette company from Australia offering eliquids and starter kits. You can find their entire line of products on their website.


A vanilla custard smell on the front end, and sugary addition on hidden in the foreground.


Front: The custard flavor is bright and upfront; and is laced with subtle notes of spice and vanilla. There’s seems to be a crust type thing going on here as well, and what seems to be a caramelized sugar topping everything off.

Mid: The caramel becomes more pronounced half way through the vape. And the nice homemade custard flavor from the beginning seems to get thicker, and provides a really nice velvety mouthfeel. The caramel sort of stands on its own, and works to add a nice sweetness to the vanilla custard. Very low sugar content in this liquid.

Back: Twice on Sunday finishes super smooth, almost like a bite of homemade vanilla custard. The caramel that was there in the beginning sort of fades into the background.

Aftertaste: Super clean. No lingering sugars from the caramel, or custard.

Pricing and Juice Information

Regular price: $14.95 (Austrailian Dollar) | $10.74 (United States Dollar)

Bottles/Sizes: 10ml

Available Nic: 0, 6, 12, 18, 24mg

VG/PG ratio: 50/50


Dual 2.5mm Fused Claptons from Saddlehorseblues on the deck of the Twisted Messes. Pulsed on the Lavabox from Volcano E-cigs at 40-60watts.

Final Thoughts

My only nit-pick with the Artisan line from Vaper Empire would have to be the VG/PG ratio. It a pretty big deal breaker, and although it’s good for flavor, it’s terrible at that producing that dense vapor.

ADV? Definitely an All day liquid for me. Twice on Sunday is a very clean, low sugar, vanilla custard vape. Pure and simple, no other flavors ruining this one!

Recommendable? Absolutely. This one would serve as a good vanilla base for mixing other flavors as well!

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