Squonking: why you should get a squonk mod

Vaping has become incredibly big in a very short while. Since the tiny vape pens first came on the market the technology has taken some big leaps forward in terms of what we now define as vaping.

In Europe, an estimated 6 million people are vaping. In the U.S., more than 9 million people pick up their vape every day.

Because of the popularity, more and more people are turning to mods and sub-ohm vaping in an effort to quit traditional tobacco products.

This is where the squonk mod comes into play. But what are they, and what are there benefits? In this article, we’ll go through some of the benefits pf a squonk mod, and tell you why it might be the right choice for you.

Squonking has been rising in popularity, but many vapers still have no idea what it is, or how it might improve their vaping experience, bringing it to the next level. No worries. We’re here to explain everything.

[su_heading size=”15″ class=”subHeading”]What is a squonk mod and how did it all begin?[/su_heading]

Squonk Mods: [su_highlight background=”#def823″]are e-cigs that feed the liquid from the bottom, right onto the deck (of your RDA). The e-liquid is squeezed from an internal liquid container onto the coils.  [/su_highlight]

It all started back in 2009 when a guy posted an unofficial mod on a forum. He called it the Juicebox; it didn’t go all that well, mostly because he sparked more interest than he expected, and couldn’t fufull the orders. But he was onto something big for sure.

His design inspired another guy, Robert O’Neill, who designed a squonk mod similar to the ones we know of today.

[su_heading size=”15″ class=”subHeading”]The advantages of squonking[/su_heading]

This method of vaping is considered superior to other forms of vaping in many ways. First of all, it’s is convenient for use, even on the go. And unlike drippers, squonkers get the same flavor and same vaping experience but without having to drip, which help you avoid the mess.

[su_heading class=”subHeading”]You don’t need to constantly drip liquid on your coils[/su_heading]

Another advantage is the high capacity of the squonk mods. While a regular tank holds 2-5ml’s of liquid, a squonk mod can hold more than 7ml, so it saves you the hassle of refilling all the time.

[su_heading class=”subHeading”]Less leakage[/su_heading]

Leaking e-liquid is a problem all vapers have experienced. It gets on your hands, clothes, table, mod… A big mess and losing precious liquid at the same time. With squonking, you don’t have to worry about this (with the exception of ‘over squonking’). Any extra e-juice simply ends up back in the bottle, instead of on your hands.

[su_heading class=”subHeading”]Same flavor experience as drippers[/su_heading]

Even though modern sub-tanks can provide you with a decent flavor experience, a squonk mod is designed in a way that provides a lot more flavor than regular mods and sub-tanks.

[su_heading size=”15″ class=”subHeading”]Should you go for a Squonk mod?[/su_heading]

It depends on what you want from your vaping experience. If you’re looking for maximum flavor, great vapor production, and ease of use, then you should absolutely look into squonking.

Article Credit: www.smokingthings.com 

Josh is the Co-Founder, and sole content creator. He and has been vaping since 2014. He enjoys vaping anytime, but prefers to grab some E-juice, mod, and a beer late at night after a long day. Don't expect any "beating around the bush" here, if there's a topic that needs discussing, nothing get's left on the table.

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