Koffee Kult Coffee | Dark Roast – is it really that good?

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Koffee Kult Coffee roasters offer a resonably large selection of 100% arabica beans. Whether you’re into a strong single shot of espresso, or a delicious medium roast blend midday, Koffee Kult has what you need.

I first ran into Koffee Kult a few years back when shopping around on Amazon. Having left my go-to source for fresh roasted beans behind after a move, I was in need of a replacement.

If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon (bet you have ;)), you’re likely aware of their immense, sometimes overwhelming, selection of products. Recently, they’ve added a ton of interesting and unique foods to their Grocery and Gourmet section, and now carry everything from cold press single origin virgin olive oil to Jiff Peanut butter. If you can’t find something on their website, chances are you’re probably not looking hard enough.

At first, I was a bit hesitant to try Koffee Kult. In the past, I’ve found products with large social media followings to be quite lack-luster, and even down right disappointing. After a trying nearly every brand claiming to carry Kona, and having sifted through an endless array of brands claiming to be authentic ‘New England’, I was finally ready to try something new. Enter the Kult.

Now, I’m not normally a fan of dark roast coffees – I consider myself more of a medium roast kind of dude, who enjoys a straight American with a splash of half and half. But after hearing great things about KK, I decided to take another chance – in hopes that a large company atmosphere would not effect the end product.

I used my go-to brewing method, the trusty Aeropress. Here’s what I found –

The Beans:

  • Uniform size
  • minimal sheen
  • minimal shards/broken pieces


  • small-medium sized bubbles, non-active.


  • dark black with brown sugar luster, minimal sheen.
  • little to no head/crema


  • bold medium-heavy tobaccos
  • earthy
  • brown sugar
  • subtle roasted almond


  • slightly bitter
  • mild-medium tobacco
  • full-bodied chewy mouthfeel
  • brown sugar/caramel taste
  • faint hints of cashew and or almond

Wrapping It Up

I was really expecting a high quality whole bean coffee when I placed my order. Instead, I was met with a relatively average bean that was not nearly as lively as I thought it might be.

The taste and aromatic qualities did make up for the lack of brewing characteristic. And a nice chewy medium bodied tobacco flavor combined with brown sugar undertones did provide a great full-bodied mouthfeel.

Would I purchase the stuff again? Perhaps – but I think I’ll spend some time searching for local alternatives before placing another order.

Purchase Koffee Kult Dark Roast here

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