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Raw sugar cookie dough meets soft baked snickerdoodle fresh out of the oven. Now add a layer of lightly spiced custard with vanilla bean to the mix. Finally, grab a cold glass of milk to wash it all down. Enjoy!

 Before We Start

I expecting to be met with a rather simplistic flavor profile going into this review; after all, how complex can a cookie really get? Turns out, I was dead wrong; the only thing simplistic about Sugar Cookie from Glas was the tastefully designed label on the bottle.

 Sugar Cookie Flavor Profile –  

Fresh from the oven! You’ll taste warm buttery cookie dough, glazed with golden brown sugar caramel and finished with a cinnamon and nutmeg twist. Don’t forget a glass of milk to wash it down!

First Impression

I absolutely dig the branding of the new Basix series from Glas Vapor. The font choice and color palate of the labels was done in good taste, and screams professionalism. I never found myself struggling to find the information I wanted, all “tid-bits” were clearly marked and easy to find. The Chubby Gorilla style bottles made for a clean dripping experience, and never gave me leaking issues.


There’s a whole lot going on here. Notes of raw sugar cookie dough and soft baked snickerdoodle. A lightly spiced custard (notes of cinnamon and nutmeg) aroma and a good bit of vanilla bean wrap the nose on this one up quite nicely.


Front: Notes of spiced custard (pinch of nutmeg), with a subtle hint ground cinnamon. Fresh soft baked sugar cookies erringly similar to a homemade batch of snickdoodles; I swear you can almost taste the warm butter in this liquid!

Mid: The custard notes intensify along with the individual cookie flavors. I noted a rather distinct (and enjoyable) chewiness to this vape. The flavors present at this point are similar to snickerdoodles fresh out of the oven served with a cold glass of whole milk.

Back: the spiced custard notes decrease in intensity before making an exit, leaving a nice baked sugar cookie flavor to cover my palate a bit longer. The spices (cinnamon/nutmeg) are not as prominent here, but the chewy mouth feel remains.

Aftertaste: Considering the bucket list of flavors working together in Sugar Cookie I really expected at least one to stick around longer than it should’ve. Instead, the finish on this vape was clean through and through. Everything from the spices, to fresh custard, to multilayered sugar cookie left the scene without a trace.

Pricing and Juice Information

Regular price: $16.95

Bottles/Sizes: 60ml

Available Nic: 0, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio: 70/30


Dual SHB fused clatpons (2.5mm ID) ohming out to .20 on the TM squared. Airflow shutdown 75%. Vaped on a regulated box mod at 60-75watts.


Throat Hit: None to note here. I would imagine with a 3mg bottle, the throat hit would be quite low.

Final Thoughts


Absolutely. This was the last flavor I reviewed from Glas and It did not disappoint. I would suggest this liquid to a friend, and purchase another bottle in a heartbeat. It’s drool worthy!

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