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An absolute burst of flavors on the nose. Strawberries, a touch of pineapple, mango or guava, and perhaps some cherry. Enjoy this tropical beach drink from the comfort of your home!

Before We Start 

Ok. Seriously, My expectations for the Basix line from Glas were super high. Thankfully, the company lived up to it’s name.

 Caribbean Punch Flavor Profile –  

Like the intoxicating vibe of the islands, it’s the perfect blend of succulent peach, mouthwatering pineapple, sweet strawberry, refreshing apples and a hint of apricot. Truly tropical bliss!

First Impression

I absolutely dig the branding of the new Basix series from Glas Vapor. The font choice and color palate of the labels was done in good taste, and screams professionalism. I never found myself struggling to find the information I wanted, all “tid-bits” were clearly marked and easy to find. The Chubby Gorilla style bottles made for a clean dripping experience, and never gave me leaking issues.


An absolute burst of flavors on the nose. Strawberries, a touch of pineapple, mango or guava, and perhaps some cherry. The liquid seems to have a nice subtle sweetness to it that I really hope carries over.


Front: I notice freshly picked strawberries with a nice natural sweetness. There some tropical flavors making there way to the forefront, but it’s hard to differentiate one from the other.

Mid: Strawberries remain on the scene and are now joined by an abundance of tropical goodness. This one really reminds me of a tropical drink you’d enjoy while at the beach; pineapple, mango and a touch of chewy apricot. Very impressed!

Back: A lot of the same fruit taste. This liquid really screams tropical (I feel like I’m repeating myself here…). I had to really cut the airflow down to pick up on the apricot and peach flavors, but they were noticeable. Caribbean Punch makes a crisp, clean exit.

Aftertaste: Wow… With all the fruity flavors and hints of natural sweetness jumping around in this liquid, I was expecting some lingering nuances. But to my surprise, my palate was left complete clean.

Pricing and Juice Information

Regular price: $16.95

Bottles/Sizes: 60ml

Available Nic: 0, 3 and 6mg

PG/VG ratio: 70/30 blend


A set of 2.5mm fused claptons from saddlehorseblues (.29ohms per coil) on the deck of the TM2, airflow shutdown 50%. Pulsed on the Titan V2 dual parallel box.


I’d really like to see a Max VG blend of the basix line.

Throat Hit: I vaped a bottle of 0mg for this review, so not much of a throat hit here. But with the intense level of tropical fruits, I would imagine a bottle of 3mg to have at a slight throatiness.

Final Thoughts


Caribbean Punch from Glas  has everything you’d want out of a fruit flavored ejuice. All day vape without a doubt!

With a super reasonable price point ($16.95), I’d purchase this liquid in the future and recommend it to fellow vapers looking for something super tasty.

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