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Fluffy birthday cake with homemade churned vanilla buttercream icing slathered on top. Blueberries reduction sauce poured on top turning the homemade icing light blue. Grab a glass of cold milk and a fork folks, you’d be silly to pass this one up.

 Before We Start

Over the past 5 years, my ejuice palate has slowly turned into a dessert flavor monster. I saved the last 2 ejuices (blueberry cake and sugar cookie) out of the 6 sent to me by Glas, specifically for the very end of the review process!

 Blueberry Cake Flavor Profile –  

Dessert “Best In Show” winner at the 2017 Vaper Expo UK! Warm, velvety layers of rich vanilla cake, sweet buttercream and fresh blueberries, drizzled in a sweet sugar glaze. Have your cake and vape it too!

First Impression

I absolutely dig the branding of the new Basix series from Glas Vapor. The font choice and color palate of the labels was done in good taste, and screams professionalism. I never found myself struggling to find the information I wanted, all “tid-bits” were clearly marked and easy to find. The Chubby Gorilla style bottles made for a clean dripping experience, and never gave me leaking issues.


The first thing I picked up on was the fresh blueberries. There’s some nice white cake smells mixed in as well although not quite as pronounced as the fruit. Blueberry Cake has a sweet aroma with hints of vanilla bean.


Front: I’d compare the blueberry taste to freshly picked berries immersed in a bowl of milk, and set out to rest 5-10 minutes before eating (giving the berries a chance to release a layer of juice that slowly mixes with the milk). There’s a nice chewy dessert bread here; the cake is dense, and may even have some fruit baked in. A noticeable butter flavor helps create a velvety mouthfeel here as well.

Mid: Much of the same base flavors. A touch of white sugar mixes with the butter note to produce a churned buttercream icing for the birthday cake. The hints of vanilla are joined by individual notes of raw sugar, transforming this liquid into a dessert vape.

Back: Primary flavors carry all the way through, making for a really full bodied blueberry cake flavor. It may have been me, but I could’ve swore that the blueberries intensified towards the end. The cake finishes slightly sweet with a hint of chalkiness that one could associate with sprinkles. The vanilla bean makes a smooth exit along with the raw sugar.


Aftertaste: Considering the complexity of Blueberry Cake one would expect some type of lingering aftertaste; thankfully though, everything finished clean. The multi-level sugar notes in this liquid could’ve easily caused an issue if they were mixed incorrectly. Thankfully, Glas managed to keep the sugars at (or under) what I would consider to be a “respectful” level, and my palate (along with my cotton) was left intact.

Pricing and Juice Information

Regular price: $16.95

Bottles/Sizes: 60ml

Available Nic: 0, 3, 6

PG/VG ratio: 30/70


Dual 2.5mm fused clapton from saddlehorseblues ohming out to: .20ohms on the TMSquared. Airflow shutdown 75-80%, vaped on a unregulated dual 18650 box, and a regulated box mod at 50-70watts.

Side Note: I’ve been asked why I use 22mm rda’s as opposed to just sticking with a 24mm deck size. The answer is quite simple for me: I truly feel that the smaller chamber size of the 22mm rda promotes a noticeable increase in flavor production. Unscientific statement warning… The more “air” in the chamber, the further flavors have to travel before getting to your mouth!


Throat Hit: Not much of a throat hit here. This dessert flavor is put together so well, and vapes so smooth, that even at a 3mg nic level, I’d imagine a negligible throat hit (if any at all.)

Final Thoughts

The Basix line from Glas Vapor has really continued to impress me. The flavors have been clean, and very well put together. Blueberry Cake is no exception; I can see why it was an award winner at the vaper expo 2017!

ADV? Absolutely. I mean this liquid is the perfect mix for me. With simple fruit flavors, I often find myself looking for something more; and occasionally mix eliquids together to create a complex blend of my own. There’s simply no need to do that here!

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