FDA Stops By For Unannounced Visit To JUUL Labs – Here’s What We Know

JUUL Labs received a ‘surprise’ visit from the FDA last Friday. The recent spike in teen e-cig use has placed major e-cig manufacturers at risk. Here’s what you need to know.

JUUL has been on the FDA’s radar ever since their product became popular among teens. They reportedly saw an increase 700% sales from 2016-2017. This jump is most likely due to the rise in popularity of all harm reduction devices. Current smokers, those underage and of age, have been looking for a healthier alternative to cigarette’s ever since the CDC started providing smoking related facts. Traditional means of cessation have been largely unsuccessful; vaporizer products have filled the void left by these ancient products.

Here’s what we KNOW about the ‘surprise’ visit thus far:

  • It took place 9/28/2018
  • Documentation pertaining to marketing and sales strategies were of high interest
  • The inspection was followed by a request for more information (meaning that they likely were not satisfied with the documents they found)
  • 1,000+ pages were confiscated

No further information has been released pertaining to this unannounced visit; but it would be safe to say (JUUL is just one manufacturer out of a list of hundreds), that this prohibition style raid is likely to be the first of many to come.

It is important to remember, that while underage users cannot legally purchase an e-cig, they can easily find access to the product through of age friends. The main stream media tends to ignore this concept entirely, even though it has remained largely unchanged for years. For example, the first alcoholic beverage enjoyed by most teenagers was most likely the direct result of a friend purchasing booze, and bringing it to said party. And while the act of purchasing alcohol for minors is against the law across the US, the act of doing so continues to happen on a fairly regular basis.

A similar approach has been taken for the sale of tobacco products and e-cigarettes to minors (ages vary from state to state). And while the law is enforced at the majority of retail stores, it is hard to control the transfer of tobacco products to anyone underage after the fact. A viable solution to this problem has not yet been discussed; and an overall ban of life saving vapor products will likely not stop youth use in any significant way. Prohibiting access to the e-cig and other vaporizer products IS more likely to drive users (underage included…) back to traditional tobacco products.

Let’s take this discussion further; we want to hear what you have to say on the matter. Should all e-cig manufacturers start preparing for a visit from the FDA? How will this change the vape Industry as a whole? Should JUUL comply? Does the FDA even have the right to JUUL’s marketing and sales documents?

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Josh is the Co-Founder, and sole content creator. He and has been vaping since 2014. He enjoys vaping anytime, but prefers to grab some E-juice, mod, and a beer late at night after a long day. Don't expect any "beating around the bush" here, if there's a topic that needs discussing, nothing get's left on the table.

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