Easy CBD Protein Shake

The protein shake is perhaps my favorite way to mix CBD. For starters, it requires literally no thought or prep, and it tastes amazing.

If you like a thick and creamy protein shake, I recommend mixing your whey or isolate with 100% milk or diary replacement.

If you prefer a slightly thinner shake consistency, that’s easy to drink, try mixing with 1/2 tap or bottled water. This is my go method for mixing 99% of the time, you’ll still get that nice creamy mouthfeel, while still keeping your sugar macros on par for the day.

For the shake above, I used 1.5 scoops of Chocolate Coconut Animal Whey (30g of protein), 4oz of whole milk, 4oz of tap water, and 1.5 droppers full of CBD tincture.

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Animal Whey – Chocolate Coconut

Richards Hemp 500mg Tincture

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