CBD Infused Beer – Curing Your Hangover While You Drink

A market that is now expected to hit the $22 billion mark by 2022, the Cannobidoil Industry has taken many by surprise. A vast line of products are now available to the masses – from CBD infused energy drinks and capsules meant to promote a long nights rest, to treats designed to cure your pets anxiety – the offerings are vast and growing everyday.

I’ll skip the chemical background of CBD altogether, for anyone reading this article is probably completely aware of the background story. If you’re indeed new, check out ProjectCBD, they’ll teach you everything you need to know about Cannabidoil.

Personally, I’ve never witnessed anything quite like this compound derived from the cannabis plant. While some take to over the counter pills to cure their aliments, others prefer a more natural approach to the soothing. CBD has played a role in helping alleviate arthritis, joint pain, anxiety, inflammation, and infections – to more serious cases of PTSD, Cancer and Epilepsy. It has measurable effects on a neurological level, and has even shown promise in cell-protection.

Numerous companies have taken note on the potential impact CBD will have on society, and have followed suite by offering CBD-rich product line ups. Brewers have even started experimenting with the stuff. Recently, Coalition Brewing Co. out of Portland brought their Two Flowers IPA to the public. They’ve produced a west coast style brew infused with a stream of CBD – the hop heavy beer now has 4mg per 12oz glass, full of citrus-y terpenes to compliment each sip. And Coalition is not the only one to have joined the craze.

Madison Wisconsin’s very own Great Dane Brewing released a hop laden Green Glory APA – a 5.5%(ABV), 7mg (CBD) spin off of their Old Glory beer. Because CBD in itself is completely legal (without THC), many local breweries have stepped up to the plate as well, adding drops of the magic ‘serum’ to on-tap offerings. Bar hoppers can now rejoice, finally a beer that can reduce the effects of a terrible hangover whilst you drink!

I for one have already started searching for a green infused brew locally. There’s no telling where I may find it, how good it will be, but rest assured – I will not come out empty handed.  An epic food pairing is in the forecast, and updates on my experience are sure to follow!

The Cannibidoil Industry has shown no signs of slowing down. Beer is only the most recent addition to the list, but certainly won’t be the last. Months from now, we could very well see CBD infused toothpaste, butter, and sports drinks on the shelves of supermarkets around the world.

In my opinion, any product with potential to cure a nation addicted to opioids should be welcomed with open arms. Only one question remains (well, maybe a few more 😉 ), where will CBD venture next?

Josh is the Co-Founder, and sole content creator. He and has been vaping since 2014. He enjoys vaping anytime, but prefers to grab some E-juice, mod, and a beer late at night after a long day. Don't expect any "beating around the bush" here, if there's a topic that needs discussing, nothing get's left on the table.

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