Are Teenagers The Only Ones Vaping?

Teens are not the only ones vaping. That’s an easy statement to make, and one that may not be so apparent given the manner in which e-cigs have been handled by the MSM.

Many may disagree on the potential health implications of vaping, and some may even be willing to dismiss e-cigs altogether as a trend that will eventually loose traction.

And yet it’s hard to argue with the success. Since the modern vaporizer was made available to the public around 2014, it seems to have had a huge impact on society as we know it, helping a large amount of active smokers make the switch.

Nearly ever anti-ecig article posted in the last few years, from those discussing a 60%+ increase in teenage use, to those arguing over the ingredients commonly found in ejuice, tend to conveniently leave one little ‘piece of the puzzle’ out of the vaping equation; and it’s a huge piece.

Since vapor became an option, thousands of users have chose it over combustibles, and smoking rates have reached record lows as a result. In fact, according to the CDC, smoking has been on the decline since 2002.

The fact that active smokers have been on the decline before vaping was even a thing, seems like a fairly important bit of data to bring to any discussion concerning nicotine delivery. Has replacement therapy played a role in this decline, surely. Has NRT had the same success with smokers as vaping? Not likely.

And what about those teenagers? Has there been an increase in underage use? Yes. And has there been a decrease in active smokers within the same age group? Yes. Curating facts to support your anti-ecig argument, while failing to recognize the bigger picture, is a costly mistake.

It’s true, we don’t know everything we need to know about vaping, the technology has not been around long enough. Short term studies on the potential impacts of vaping have been performed, many by RCP (Royal College of Physicians) in London – which is often completely ignored by the MSM as well.

Having a serious discussion on the topic seems like a great next move. Open format interviews with members from both sides of the spectrum, and answering questions from smokers and vapers alike, is not only easy, but stands to help move the argument forward instead of backward.

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