22mm RDA Vs 24MM – Which Is Better For You?

There’s been an influx of large size atomizers recently, 24mm now seems like the new norm. But what was wrong with the smaller size toppers? Today we aim to figure it out!

This is a question that has bugged me for awhile. The trend toward large diameter tanks and rda’s does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon, but it that a good thing? I have mixed feeling about larger size atomizers honestly, they’re great for somethings, and seem to fall pretty short with others.

Let’s start by breaking things down into a pos/neg list.

[su_heading size=”15″ class=”subHeading”]Small Diameter[/su_heading]


  • smaller chamber = great flavor
  • smaller chamber = good cloud production
  • easy to work on
  • easy to build out
  • fit on any device
  • great choice while on the go
  • fun to drip, as long as juice well is on the large side
  • lighter weight


  • a bit cramped, hard for people with large hands
  • hard to find now a day
  • cloud production not compatible to larger style toppers


[su_heading size=”15″ class=”subHeading”]Large Diameter[/su_heading]


  • large chamber = average flavor
  • larger chamber = stellar clouds
  • really easy to work on
  • bigger juice well, great for dripping
  • more afc options


  • flavor production not compatible with larger toppers
  • airflow can be a bit loose
  • usually on the heavy side
  • device must have a large diameter top to accommodate the topper

Now I’m sure I may have missed a few Pos/Negs for each category, but the important ones are all there. In my opinion, there’s definitely a few benefits to vaping with each size.

Smaller RDA’s and tanks like the Vapefly Pixie are going to be your best if you’re looking for flavor production. The chamber on a 22mm rda is substantially smaller compared to a 24mm or 26mm say. This means normally means that the coils are going to sit closer to your mouth, and the air will be circulating the chamber in a smaller space, spending more time around your coils; all this noticeably amplifies flavor overall.

Now there are some downfalls to 22mm diameter. For starters, that build deck can get a bit cramped, which means people with larger hands may have a difficult time building on them. And that small chamber that’s great for flavor production? Yeah, it’s not so great for huge clouds. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s sufficient without a doubt, but it just can’t compete with a large diameter topper at a cloud comp. Because the deck is 22mm, you’re also going to restricted on what diameter coil you can install, and how many wraps each coil can have. In general, a 3mm 5 wrap clapton is about the biggest thing you’re going to be able to fit on deck (I’m sure someone’s done bigger, but you get my point).

Larger RDA’s and tanks like the Yellow Jacket RDA are going to be best if you’re looking for cloud production. In general, the large diameter deck will utilize all the vapor coming off those coils, translating into some serious cloud chucking. With the bigger deck also comes a more substantial juice well, and that’s a positive especially if you’re dripping.

Big toppers will also support super complex, large diameter builds as well. 4mm ID clatpons are not totally out of the question on a 24mm rda. The bigger deck allows for huge post holes as well, which means that extra wide framed build your friend just sent you should slide right in with ease.

Just like the 22mm rda, there are some downfalls to the larger sized toppers. For starters, all that juicy flavor you’ve come to love, well it’s constantly being thinned out with the introduction of new air. This can be counteracted a bit by shutting down the airflow, but in general, you’re never going to be able to compete with the flavor of a small topper.

We seem to be moving away from smaller diameter topper for a few reasons. One, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a device with a top width of 22mm. Two, the small toppers are more difficult to build on. And three, 22mm decks definitely put a limit of the coil type you can run. Is there anything wrong with 22mm diameter sized atty’s, absolutely not!

[su_heading size=”15″ class=”subHeading”]Wrapping Things Up[/su_heading]

If it’s flavor you’re after, you may want to go with that small rda (if you can find one…). If a slightly less potent flavor doesn’t bother you, and a cloud competition is in your future, you’re going to want something big!



Josh is the Co-Founder, and sole content creator. He and has been vaping since 2014. He enjoys vaping anytime, but prefers to grab some E-juice, mod, and a beer late at night after a long day. Don't expect any "beating around the bush" here, if there's a topic that needs discussing, nothing get's left on the table.

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